Simple but useful Tip for your Adwords Campaign. When your Adword Campaign has a limited budget per time period you should not choose your keywords too universal for the topic you are targeting.

Let’s say you want to promote your business of Luxury Bus Services and your Budget is 10 Euros per Day. You want to attract Customers who are interested in luxurious bus travel. The wrong thing to do is to use Googles Keyword Tool and pick keywords that have a high search volume like „bus travel“ and „bus service“. These keywords will eat your budget with clicks from users who are likely not looking for a luxury service. That way your budget will be used for clicks not leading to a sale or at worst your budget limit will be reached and your ads won’t be shown anymore. So try to orientate on your topic. Use „luxury bus travel“ and „luxury bus service“ as your keywords and you will only attract (an pay for) clicks from people who are likely to book your services.